Something New


Is “.com” really necessary? When I first started blogging, I never really thought about it. I just picked the “” because it is free. Easy, right? There is your instant blog! I think I was too excited to write the content of my blog to even do the extra process of having the “.com”. However, now that I am blogging even more (more like trying to blog more), I decided to switch my site to a “.com” site. Like, 5 minutes ago.

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New Year: 2017


My family and I spent our New Year in San Francisco and it was amazing. It was really chilly as expected from San Francisco, but it did not lessen the beauty of the city on New Year’s Eve! The lights, decorations, and people were so nice. New Year 2017 is definitely the simplest new year we have in our family but nonetheless, it was not unpleasant. I hope you had a wonderful New Year!

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Quote Challenge #2: Damsel


Damsel, but definitely not in distress. I love the quote below because I love feminism and the quote definitely hints that women don’t always need men to save them. I fully agree! Although I look and act very feminine, I am a black belt in Taekwondo. Although I love clothes, shoes, bags and shopping, I competed and won multiple times in both local and international competition too.

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President Trump


Smile, although the election last night was definitely shocking and unexpected. Donald Trump is United State’s newest president. A lot of my friends cried because of sadness and fear regarding the future of our country. As you can see in the photos below, a lot of students in my university protested. However, all we can do now is wait, hope and face the future together.

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