Top Camping Spots in the Caribbean (there aren’t many)
Top Camping Spots in the Caribbean (there aren’t many)

Top Camping Spots in the Caribbean (there aren’t many)

Camping and Glamping in Paradise

Experience the Caribbean in unique and affordable ways at these camping and glamping destinations.

Our list is compiled of campgrounds found on islands in the Caribbean Sea.

They range from raw campsites for your tent to luxurious glamping sites and “tree houses”.

Which means they also range from $20/night to $2,000/night.

(Please note there are tons of camping options in Central America and South America.  For this article, we’re concerned only with the islands of the Caribbean Sea.)

1. The United States Virgin Islands

St. Thomas

The Lost Mango Campgrounds

Look down at the sea planes taking off and landing in the harbor.  Watch monster cruise ships drift into the piers.  Watch the sunset over Puerto Rico in the distance.

Staying a cozy safari tent or pitch a tent for a little more nature-inspired, camping experience.

Make a reservation here: The Lost Mango Campgrounds

St. John

Cinnamon Bay Campgrounds

Bare grounds for your own tent, glamping tents and more substantial, concrete cottages give a range of options.

A restaurant, watersports and amazing beach are all here waiting for you.

You can learn more here: Cinnamon Bay Campgrounds

Water Island (just off the coast of St. Thomas)

Virgin Island Campground

A short ferry ride to this island off of St. Thomas gets you to Water Island.

Rustic and eclectic cottages and suites for a glamping experience on this tiny island.  A 5-6 minutes walk to Honeymoon Beach.

Check it out: Virgin Islands Campground

St. Croix

Cane Bay Campground

The best camping in St. Croix is found at one of the best beaches too.  Choose from 4 Tent Cabins.  Somewhat sparse accommodations, but who needs anything more when you are just steps from the beach and sea.

If you want to cast off and leave civilization behind, this is where you need to go.  

You can book here: Cane Bay Campgrounds

Mount Victory Campsite

There is a shared kitchen, pavilion and bathroom/showers.

Pitch a tent.  Bring your own gear and tent.  $30 a night and free parking.

Check out their site and book here: Mount Victory Camp

2. Puerto Rico (main island)

Pitahaya Glamping

In the southwest corner of Puerto Rico is a glamping site with 5 tents.  The grounds include a pool, swings and a fire pit.  

The site is not far from the ocean.

You can get started here: Pitahaya Glamping

El Mirador Treehouses

Camp in the rainforest.  

To be honest, I’m not sure if this qualifies as camping, glamping or something else.  Think Swiss Family Robinson.

Book your stay here: El Mirador

Vieques (small island near Puerto Rico)

El Nido Bubble Tents

Different than any tents I’ve ever seen.  These are bubble tents on the island of Vieques.  

You have to travel by boat or plane from San Juan to reach Vieques.

Enjoy ocean and mountain views from these “see-through” tents.

Learn more here: El Nido Bubble Tents

Culebra (small island near Puerto Rico)

Flamenco Beach

The only place to camp in Culebra is Flamenco Beach.  Amenities are sparce but space is plentiful.  

Basically you’ll need to bring everything you need.

But you are right on a world-class beach.

Find all the information you need here: Flamenco Beach

3. Jamaica

Green Castle Estate

These campgrounds are located within a 1600 acre estate that includes a resort, trails and bathrooms.  

You must bring all your own supplies and cooking equipment.

Possibly the most adventurous way to see Jamaica.

Book a tent site here: Green Castle Estate

4. British Virgin Islands

Anegada Beach Club

These glamping tents/cabins are right out of a South Pacific travel brochure.  

Beautiful crafted cabins with towering roofs and views to the beach…heck you are just steps away from the beach.  Too cool.

When you are ready, check it out: Anegada Beach Club

5. Antigua

Wild Lotus Glamping

Right on the beach.  

These tents are massive!  Think African safari if you were traveling as royalty.  

Tents for couples or families, plenty of space either way.

You can book here: Wild Lotus Glamping

6. Dominican Republic

Rancho Tipico Cueva De Las Aquilas

The tents are already set up near the beach.  No effort required.

There is a restaurant on property.  You can also find hiking and fishing nearby.

There are common washrooms, so you can really get that communal feel.

For more information you can find them here: Rancho Tipico

7. Barbados

“Camping Barbados” – I think that is the actual name of the campground.  

But this is real camping.  Choose from countless sites in the forest or overlooking the ocean.

Go full bushcraft and survival mode with this place.


Check out their many options here: Camping Barbados

8. Bermuda

Probably the most liberal and welcoming camping in the Caribbean is in Bermuda.

The government manages and regulates the sites and they do a pretty excellent job.

The price is reasonable $14/night.  Bring your own tent of course.

And the coolest part is that you can stay for up to 6 weeks!  So soak up the good times!

You can get started here: Camping Bermuda

9. Aruba

Aruba has a camping season.  It’s short.   Basically 2 weeks.

From early April until late April you can camp on the beach with a permit.

It’s safe, clean and easy.

Apply for your permit here: Aruba Camping

La Siesta Camping Resort

If you want a year round alternative, La Siesta has glamping and camping options for every person’s taste.

Cabins, bungalows, pitches for 2 to 7 people.  

But this is probably not what one would consider “roughing it”.

They welcome your booking here: La Siesta Resort