The Lost Mango Campgrounds


The Lost Mango Campgrounds are perched between 850-900 feet of elevation on Peter Mountain in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. 

From your room you’ll have views to Puerto Rico, Vieques, Water Island, Hassel Island and St. Croix.

You’ll be surrounded by the endless blue skies and vast Caribbean Sea.

On the grounds, you’ll be surrounded by native, tropical plants and oh so many fruit trees!

What started as a small orchard of 20 trees has grown to well over 200.  Explore the property and pick mango, avocado, cherry, fig, soursop, starfruit and guava among others.

Our pride and joy is the sugar cane forest.  Cut yourself a stalk of sugar cane and press its sweet juice for a divine island drink (with or without alcohol).

Aside from nature, our cabins probably occupy the ground between glamping and cabin living. 

Owners Michael and Amber tested their marriage when building the campsite.  

You see, Michael believes camping includes at most a sleeping bag and possibly a tent.

Amber thought camping meant sleeping with your windows open at The Ritz.

So we tried to bring you a little of both – give you the experience of being surrounded by nature but with electricity and toilets and wifi. 🙂(Remember, marriage is about compromise.)

part of the campground management team