Sugar Cane Gardens
Sugar Cane Gardens

Sugar Cane Gardens

Sugar Cane Gardens

I believe Sugar Cane is the most miraculous substance on earth. It is truly nature’s candy. It takes almost zero processing to harvest and enjoy sugar cane.

At its simplest, you can cut down a stalk, cut it into small pieces and enjoy. All you do is put a little piece in your mouth and sorta suck and chew to get all the sweet juice out.
(The trick is to not chew too aggressively as the fibers will stick in your teeth. You’ll see what I mean soon enough.)

Want to go next level? Put it through a press and squeeze all the juice out. One stalk will easily fill your class full of this stuff. It is delicious.

Now check this out. If you let it sit out for a day it will spontaneously ferment. No joke. You can leave it open to the air and natural yeasts will work their magic and you will have a lightly alcoholic beverage (only a 1% or 2% of alcohol, but still nice).

And I don’t even want to get into how you can make it into syrup, sugar or a rum! This green grass grows like weeds here on the property. I’ve been growing the stuff at my house for years and brought some cane up to the campgrounds and let it run wild.

We have less than a quarter acre of cane but there are hundreds and hundreds of stalks.

When you visit, we always cut fresh cane in the morning for you to enjoy. You can have a little to chew or we also have a cane press if you’d like to have it juiced.

While we don’t mind if you cut the cane yourself, we have a few simple rules:

1. No more than 1 cane per person per day.

2. You assume the risk of using a sharp instrument – seriously, if you hurt yourself, don’t blame us. Please!
(My wife thinks I shouldn’t allow our guests to cut their own but I’m hoping that people will be careful and take responsibility if they hurt themselves. And like I tell my kids, if one person complains, they will spoil it for the rest of the kids because it will no longer be permitted for anyone in the future. Nuff said.)

And one final thing that makes our sugar cane unique. I’m not one for buzzwords or virtue signaling, but cane is pretty awesome. After you finish with it, we use it in 2 ways: 1. compost 2. to grow mushrooms! If we have a batch ready for harvest, we are happy to share.

Anyhow, sugar cane is cool.