The Lost Mango Campgrounds
The Lost Mango Amenities

The Lost Mango Amenities

The ideal (glamping) campgrounds offer all the amenities to make it feel like you are in nature but without having to dig a hole to do the business.

Camping in St. Thomas – that perfect combination of tropical wildness along with running water and bathrooms.

Oh, and we have wifi.

Our tents offer a shared bathroom and shower area. They are about as luxurious as shared bathrooms and showers go. I was the kid in high school that went last into the showers – naked people creep me out. So we made sure that ours offer privacy and comfort.

Our cabins have en suite bathrooms (fancy for your cabin has a bathroom).

Trails, fruit trees and lots to explore.

A commissary also has the essentials (at island prices, so try to bring your own!). We have toiletries, snacks, sunblock, towels, etc. for purchase.

We are located just off of a main road which means taxis will pick you up and drop you off.

A daily shuttle from the campgrounds to the beach that leaves at 10 am and 11 am with a stop at Magens Bay. Return Shuttles from Magens at 2 pm and 4 pm.

view of peter mountain where campgrounds are located and the harbor